Foul Play Suspected in Jacksonville Disappearance Case

A Henderson woman says she will not stop searching until her missing brother is found.

50 year old Jimmy Charles Scott of Jacksonville was last seen walking down his street on November 3, 2001. Scott lived off of Highway 79, in a small community called Plantation Estates.

Originally, investigators believed Scott had wandered off on his own. Marie Martin, Scott's older sister, says her brother was on medication and had a history of alcoholism.

But as days passed, the focus of the investigation turned to foul play. Scott's body is still missing, and Marie has grown skeptical about where the investigation is heading.

"I want to see proof with my own eyes that something is being done," said Marie. Marie believes a person in the area killed her brother. She remembers one particular neighbor assaulting Scott on two separate occasions.

Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell says investigators questioned three possible suspects. However, with no body and little evidence, it's still a missing person case.

"We've searched the river, we've drug ponds," said Sheriff Campbell. "We've done foot searches, and searches with canines."

But still no sign of Scott.

"I can understand why they're (the family) is frustrated," says Sheriff Campbell. "But I can look at them straight in the eye and tell them we've done everything humanly and legally possible to find him."

Until this week, the best lead in the case was a small amount of blood found on a tent near Scott's home. The tent was found at a campsite in Scott's neighborhood. Sheriff Campbell says DNA confirm the blood is not Scott's.

As time passes, Marie hopes someone with information will come forward. "I want to be able to take something home and bury him with his family," she says. "I owe him that much."