Gift of Love: Brittney, 13 Years Old

Reported By Gillian Sheridan

It's an exciting afternoon for Brittney as she rides horses at Coyote Creek in Bullard. "His name is paint," says Brittney climbing up in the saddle.

This 13 year old likes to read, go to church and spend time with animals, especially horses. "I love to take him around the cones and through the boards and all that. I just love this horse, because he was so nice and sweet," says Brittney patting the horse on its side.

An ideal family for Brittney would enjoy living in the country and have other children. "She would do wonderful in a home with smaller children. She loves to play with the little ones in the foster home where she is now," explains Joanna Goodwin, case worker with Buckner Children & Family Services in Longview. Brittney adds, "I just really love to help out."

Brittney was removed from her home about two years ago because of abuse and placed in foster care. "It's been good. It's just that sometimes you feel like you want to see your real mother but I don't want to see my real mom because of what happened to me at my house," says Brittney with a sad face.

"She's had a traumatic past. She tends to be anxious about relationships," says Joanna.

It's left Brittney feeling unsure of herself, especially now that she's in the 7th grade. "I just don't feel like I belong in that school and people make fun of me cause of what I look like. I just don't look like them," says Brittney.

"Those early teenage years are so formative and any kind of difference right now to Brittney is distressing to her. Like any little girl, she wants to fit in. She wants to fit in and be a part of things," says Joanna.

A forever family would give Brittney a sense of belonging and a permanency she longs for. Joanna says, "Given the right opportunity and the right family, with lots of love and God's grace, that princess heart would come out and you would see what I see, a beautiful Brittney."

A beautiful young lady, with a lot of potential and a lot of love to give.

If you'd like more information on Brittney call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.