UPDATE: Petition could force vote on alcohol sales


Some Smith County residents will have the opportunity to vote on making their part of the county wet. The Smith County Citizens for Economic Growth has turned in enough signatures to call a local option election in Justice Precinct 4 for the "legal sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption." That's according to the Smith County Elections Administrator. Only residents in the Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 area which covers the north east part of Smith County can vote on the measure. It will be on the May 9th ballot.

SMITH COUNTY (Precinct 4), TX (KLTV) - A petition has been approved that could force a vote on alcohol sales in Precinct 4 of Smith County.

The group calling itself "Smith County Citizens For Economic Growth" has until February 6th to collect 1509 signatures from registered voters living in Precinct 4.

The group is hoping to force an election on the May ballot.

"If an election is called on this issue, the decision will be placed entirely in the hands of the voters of that precinct," County Judge Joel Baker said.

Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 includes parts of Tyler, Winona, New Chapel Hill and Overton.

As of this date, no opposition group has filed with the elections office.