Flu season causes problems for one East Texas school

By Lakecia Shockley - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - A few East Texas schools had a late start today, but one district did not open it's doors at all.

Mineola ISD cancelled classes, not because of the weather, but because of a flu outbreak that already has more than 100 students sick.

It is a sight at all Mineola ISD campuses: Empty schools, locked doors and parked school buses.

It's not for a freeze, but for the flu.

Minoela second grader, Conner Dobbs is one of 130 students out with flu-like symptoms.

"Awwww.... There you go bud," said Doctor Kyley Gully.

He said over the past ten days, more and more students have come in.

"We've been loaded up this week," said Dr. Gully with Trinity Mother Frances. "Of course, with kids in school all bunched together in the same room that spreads the virus."

"Over the weekend he started complaining with the sore throat," said Carla Dobbs, Conner's mother. "Then he had the coughing, and so it just kind of bloomed from there so we decided we better get into the doctor."

"There's prophylactic if somebody in your household has the flu or you know somebody has the flu that you're going to be around," said Gully. "There's a medication that we can give you to keep it from you."

That medication is Tamiflu, and Mineola pharmacist Jadie Parker said they've been filling prescriptions like crazy.

"We ran out of medicine. We were calling other stores to see, "hey do you have this medicine?!" said Parker. "Once they come in with the flu, they usually trail with about five or six others with the rest of the family."

Which is a dreadful sign that the flu has arrived in East Texas.

Dr. Gully told KLTV 7 that so far, about 15 of the students he's seen have confirmed cases of the flu. He also reminds us that Trinity Clinic in Mineola will keep offering flu shots until mid February.

To keep track of flu outbreaks in all 50 states, just click on "Know More on 7", then the link titled, "Tracking the flu."