Anthony continues remarkable recovery from deadly bacteria

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - One year ago, KLTV 7 Sports brought you the story of John Tyler's Gerron Anthony.

Gerron survived the MRSA bacteria, known as the anti-biotic resistant ''super bug.''

At the time, out of four patients at Children's Hospital in Dallas being treated for MRSA, Gerron was the only one to survive.

A year later, he's bigger, faster and stronger.

"To be able to come back again, I'm blessed for that," Gerron said. "I'm real thankful for that."

Since his fight with the MRSA infection in the fall of 2007, in 2008 Gerron was first team All-District 11-5A and All-East Texas in football at offensive tackle.

Now, he's the starting post for varsity basketball team.

"It was hard but at the same aspect, I still had to push myself to get better," Gerron said.

Gerron's return to athletic form is pretty amazing, considering he dropped 65 pounds during the three weeks he was sick. The damage to his then 15-year-old body could have been devasting. Instead, he's a much bigger 16-year-old.

"He's grown an inch, he 6'4 and he's 305 pounds," Gerron's coach and father, Gerald Anthony said.

"Gaining all my weight back, I'm real happy for that," Gerron smiled, "and then to gain a little more it helps in the line of football and basketball-wise."

Coach Anthony jokes his son is so healthy he's eating him out of house and home.

"I have to work on the side just to feed him!" he joked.

With Gerron's close call last year, father and son are closer than ever. But, you might not be able to tell out on the court.

"I'm still tough on him," Coach Anthony said. "I'm probably tougher on him than everybody else. He knows nothing is personal we're just talking about the game situation and if you are one of the players I treat them all the same."

Gerron and Gerald are happy for every moment they have shared on the court this season. They both hope to extend their school year together with a playoff run.