Burglars targeting pharmacies

By Layron Livingston - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Instead of heading straight for the cash, one bad guy heads straight for the medicine shelf. Police have been looking all day for a suspect in a rash of pharmacy break-ins.

Now authorities in at least 4 counties want the bad guy, or bad guys off the street. It's 4am outside Elliott's Pharmacy in Lindale. All of a sudden, the suspect's stolen GMC Yukon crashes through the front door. Once inside, the stealing spree begins.

"[They] took out all the brick door," said April Bonds.

Owner of the pharmacy, she has been here for 14 years. Two weeks ago, her store was ransacked.

"He went down all the aisles, looking for things," said Bonds.

Specifically, the pain reliever hydrocodone. About a thousand tablets were stolen. The burglar was in and out within minutes.

"They're scoping us out and looking to see where we go and where we keep our medication, said Bonds.

This latest burglary was not the first time.

A surveillance video was captured inside Elliott's, back in September. Detective Carlos Flores is with Lindale PD.

"The suspect appears to be the same height, a white male; obviously has cased the place," said Flores.

Flores says he's not certain whether the two Elliott's break-ins are connected, but similar pharmacy burglaries have occurred in Jacksonville and Gilmer. Police believe those are connected. Snap shots show a man in a bow hunter's mask inside pharmacies in Edgewood and Grand Saline.

Pharmacies in Mt. Vernon and Winnsboro have also been hit.

Just last week, thieves targeted Gilmer Drug Company, making off with...

"Anywhere from four to five thousand pills," estimates Sgt. Roxanne Warren with the Gilmer Police.

She says it's a disturbing pattern.

"We believe it's a good possibility that it could be the same actor, or actors," said Sgt. Warren.

The goal now is to put an end to the crimes spree.

"I'd like to see them off the street," said Bonds.

Authorities tell us the Texas Rangers are also involved in the investigation. If you have any information, please call police.