Former Substitute Teacher Pleads Guilty To Sex With Underage Boy

The court began today with a guilty plea, and the punishment phase of Cindy Forst's trial started. The state portrayed Forst as a 38 year old woman who led her teenage boyfriend on with phone calls, love notes, and sex, and caused him great emotional damage. Her defense attorney asked for probation, pointing out that his client was a mother of two, and has never had a prior felony.

The victim's father took the stand, and was asked if he ever had an idea his son was having an affair with the married woman. "We did," he said. "My wife and I did after a suicide attepmt in which he had a picture of her in his hands, and tried to overdose on pills."

Eventually, he found a notebook that confirmed his worst fears. "I found inside that notebook a series of letters written by Miss Forst."

After testimony from the victim, Forst waived her fifth amendment rights and took the stand, admitting "There's no excuse for what I did. It was all my fault."

Under cross examination, Forst was asked to explain some of the things she had written in those letters to her boyfriend. When prosecutors read from one of her letters, "What I want so much is to wake up next to you, to spend my weekends with you. What I feel for you is so much more than love, there's more emotion to it than that," Forst slowly responded, "That I loved him and I wanted to be with him."