Graham Brings Mission Message to Metroplex

Reverend Billy Graham toured Texas Stadium Tuesday morning. He's getting ready for his Metroplex Mission. Beginning Thursday, Graham will preach to crowds of thousands on the stage being constructed on top of the new Real Grass artificial turf.

Graham has been there before. In 1971, he opened up Texas Stadium even before construction was complete. Cowboys coach Tom Landry invited Graham for a week of mission and evangelism.

This trip may be Graham's last. In two weeks, he turns 84, and his health has been deteriorating in recent years.

"I can't stand very well, so I have to sit. The reason I can't stand is because I have a sense of numbness that came after I had four brain operations."

Despite his health problems, Graham says he feels energized and is looking forward to this week's events.

"This type of meeting is needed. It's needed in every city in the country and it's needed at this particular hour in the history of our world."

It all starts at 7:00 PM Thursday. Tickets are free. But, parking at Texas Stadium is $10.