Longview Nurse Says Firing was Retaliation

A former nurse at Good Shepherd Medical Center claims the hospital fired her for trying to bring a union to East Texas.

Tony Martin worked for Good Shepherd for a little over two years.

In July she was fired.

The hospital says her termination was for legitimate reasons.

But Tony Martin plans to prove her point in court. "I was pretty much aware that someone was coming and they were coming with the big guns."

Tony Martin is talking about Good Shepherd Medical Center.

Tony began working to bring in a union for nurses at the hospital in March just months before she was fired.

"I think the documentation can clearly show that it was because I was the main organizer for the nurses collective bargaining unit," says Martin.

Hospital representatives say Tony's termination was legitimate disciplinary action.

"We feel strongly that the evidence supports our position and we're going to defend that position," says marketing director Johnette Gindling.

Tony says on June 27th she recieved four write-ups.

Only one of those was cited for her termination two weeks later.

According to reports, Tony was fired for making changes to patient records.

A required peer review board in August cleared her of those charges.

"A group of my peers reviewed this case and they say I didn't violate the nurse practice act," says Martin.

"We're not going to discuss those issues but we can say that we strongly feel that our evidence stands and we'll prove the point in the decisions we made," says Gindling.

The National Labor Relations Board, on behalf of Tony brought the charges against Good Shepherd seeking to have Tony reinstated at the hospital, as well as back pay, benefits and her employee file cleared.

Tony says since being fired she has been unable to find another job.

A federal hearing regarding this lawsuit is scheduled for December 9th in Tyler.