TISD Reaches Agreement With Local Umpires

Tyler ISD has accepted a proposed pay rate from the Tyler chapter of baseball umpires with the Texas Association of Sports Officials.

John Tyler and Lee's games will be covered by TASO umpires.

Unhappy with the UIL's mandated pay decrease, two weeks ago umpires voted to not work with UIL schools.

However one week later, the group submitted a new pay proposal based on the UIL guidelines.    

Sources told KLTV some schools were responsive but cautious when reviewing the new proposal. The UIL says any school that pays a fee outside of the UIL guideline faces sanctions that can range from reprimand to a three year suspension of the athletic program.

TISD officials took action.

"My baseball coach sent it to the UIL to confirm that it was all okay and based on our documentation it's all well within the UIL guideline," TISD athletic director Danny Long told KLTV 7 Sports. "The Tyler area has, really in my opinion, bent over backwords to accomodate and get within the guidelines of the UIL."

"We feel like our signature is our good faith and I think it's all going to end just fine," Long said.

A source tells KLTV out of the 38 schools the Tyler chapter, so far four have accepted the proposal. A meeting will be held this Wednesday with area coaches and of many issues to be addressed, the pay proposal will be at the top of the list.