Update: A flash explosion in a Smith County jail sends one to the hospital

Update 05:25 PM:

According to authorities, the damage to a Smith County jail from a flash explosion was minimal, and the worker that was sent to the hospital was not seriously injured.

The explosion happened during a maintenance procedure. As the worker tightened a gas valve, a second valve released gas which was ignited by a nearby water heater.

Stored materials in a linen closet then caught fire. The fire caused minimal damage to the storage area.

During the incident, inmates were evacuated to a secure location on the premise under guards' supervision. Twenty-four inmates are being transferred to Gregg County for one night to allow for clean up of the affected area.

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A flash explosion in the Smith County Low Risk Detention Center caused a fire and sent one man to the hospital.

Around twenty emergency and sheriff's units raced to the facility around three this afternoon. With smoke in the building, the inmates had to be evacuated to the exercise yard.