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Confused by "Free" Hair Offers?

The Best Hair in The World Doesn't Come FREE!

It really doesn't make sense, does it? I mean, why would a hair replacement company give away for "FREE" the hair that they use to sell? The answer is quite simple, isn't it? You end up paying for the product one way or the other, usually with "hidden costs" like a year's service agreement paid up-front, ongoing "club" dues, etc. In fact, in many cases the "free" hair is designed to last only a short time, even as few as three months, at which time your "free" offer isn't so free, because you've got to get new hair, and this time there's no mention of the word FREE.

Let's face it, wouldn't it make more sense to simply look for the answer to your hair loss problem that is the absolute best hair option in the world? Hair that will last for a significant time, as opposed to three months? In the long run, you may even pay a lot less for the world's best hair option, than you will for "free" hair. And at the same time, you can avoid the misery and embarrassment of having to replace hair all the time too. Just get great looking hair with a long life-span to it, instead of having to get hair that looks good for a month or two, and then have to replace it.

Why never a mention of "good looking hair"?

By the way, have you noticed that offers from other companies say "FREE HAIR", but there's never a mention of "good looking hair"? What would you rather haveā€¦hair that is "free" (but really isn't!), or hair that solves your hair loss problem so well that you will look and feel your best? Your appearance and satisfaction are *guaranteed with Cyberhair.

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