Painting Gourds

First you have to get a gourd. Gourds can be purchased just about anywhere, but here in East Texas we have a gourd farm in West Mountain, near Gilmer.

It is called the West Mountain Gourd Farm. There phone number is 903-734-5204. You can also find them at their web site at

Once you pick out a gourd, you want to make sure it is clean. You also want to sand down any bumps on the gourd.

After that you can trace the design you want to paint on the gourd. In this weeks episode we made a scarecrow, but you can make any design.

Gourd painter, Donna Denton, says the best thing to do is to see what your gourd look like. If it is long and lean, it can make a great scarecrow. If your gourd is round it may make a better pumpkin or animal.

Once you have decided to trace a design on the gourd, you start filling in the design with acrylic paint.

For the scarecrow, she uses blue paint for the overalls, and cream paint for the scarecrows skin. After that paint has dried you can then add the details to the overall, face and hands.

You want to try and highlight and shadow parts of the figure so that it has dimension.

Once all of your painting is don, you can add some straw hair and a hat, and you will have yourself a painted gourd scarecrow.