Leaders of the two main branches of Islam are accepting the Reverend Jerry Falwell's apology for calling Muhammad "a terrorist" on C-B-S's "60 Minutes." Over the weekend, Falwell released a statement saying that he "should not have answered" what he called a "loaded question" at the end of an hour-long interview. He said, "That was a mistake and I apologize." Falwell added that he meant "no disrespect to any sincere, law abiding Muslim." The grand sheik of a Sunni Muslim mosque in Cairo says Falwell "deserves thanks" for returning to what the Islamic leader calls "the righteous path." And a leading cleric in an Iranian city that is a Shiite Muslim center of learning says Falwell showed courage by apologizing. He adds that it's "good Islamic behavior to accept an apology from a person who admits making a mistake."