Cyberhair in the media

by Timothy Scott

Recently I encountered a man I'll never forget. Here's how the story goes…

There I was, sitting on a park bench enjoying a beautiful Spring day. I was taking a break from my regular reporting duties, relaxing in the warm glow of the sun. Suddenly, a gentleman sat down next to me. We exchanged pleasantries, and he sat back and closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth of the sun. After a couple of minutes the man opened his eyes, turned to me and asked me a very strange question. "What do you think of my hair?" I became a bit uncomfortable, for I'd encountered "weirdos" before in the same park I was in. "Uh, I'm just spending a few minutes here while I have a break" was my 'brilliant' reply. He laughed and said "I guess that must sound like a pretty strange question. It's just that I have been bald for the past eight years and just got my hair done right across the street. I just wanted to get an unbiased opinion on how the hair looks." As the man spoke, I thought for a moment that I was the object of a practical joke, or was an unsuspecting part of a skit for a "Candid Camera" type show. I looked around for the camera, hesitated and said "Are you serious? Are you putting me on?" He again laughed and said "No, I'm dead serious. I just had it done. What do you think?"

He didn't come across as a typical weirdo. I mean, he was articulate and seemed to be well educated. He was in his mid 30's, casually dressed, fit and tanned. He was looking at me with a serious look. I looked at his hair and replied, "You seem serious, but it's hard for me to believe that's not your own growing hair. I don't think I can believe that you were bald. In fact, I wish I had your head of hair!" Glancing up at my receding hairline, he smiled, looked away and said "thanks." He closed his eyes once more and put his head back, relaxing in the afternoon sun. His closed eyes gave me the opportunity to look at his hair from where I was sitting…I really was staring. Could this really be some kind of hair replacement? I couldn't help myself, and after a couple of minutes the reporter in me came out. I said "I'm a reporter. In fact because of my own hair loss (yes, I've got quite a bit of hair loss myself) I did a story on hair replacement a couple of years ago. Are you serious about your hair?" The man opened his eyes, smiled and reached into his pocket to get his wallet. "Here, take a look at this. This will answer your question." He handed me his driver's license. Being a reporter, I quickly learned from his license that his name is Jordan, he's 36 years old, is 5 feet 11 inches tall, and weighs 165 pounds. And indeed, he was bald on top. I don't even mean "thinning", he was downright bald on top…a real chrome-dome. I was absolutely astounded.

Ironically, right then a man with a very obvious looking hair replacement walked by us. We both noticed him as he walked by. I was amazed that there was a man sitting two feet away from me who's new hair looked absolutely perfect, which I would have never detected in a hundred years, while another man a fair distance away was obviously "wearing something".

Getting back to my story, I couldn't believe it. Jordan looked years younger, and his hair looked fabulous. My first thought was "I've never seen a good driver's license photo before anyway, but there was no denying that this guy was bald!" Jordan took his license, and slipped it back into his wallet. He then took a card out of his wallet and handed it to me. I read the single word printed at the top of the card in gold type. It said "CYBERHAIR". "This is the company's card. They're right across the street" Jordan said. I let out a little laugh and said quietly "Cyberhair, huh?" I then said to Jordan, "Look, I search out stories and love to expose scams and rip-offs. In fact, I wasn't impressed when I researched different hair replacement companies for my past story, and I exposed the fact that most hair replacement methods are pretty much the same. I found that the various companies just came up with fancy new names for the same old, average to poor looking hair replacements. The reporter in me wants to believe that this Cyberhair is just another one of the same ilk." Jordan smiled again, put his head back and looked up into the sky. "I did the same research. I came up with the same conclusion. I think I may even remember reading your article about it. But I was still drawn to trying to do something about my hair. I mean, I'm still a young guy and don't want to look…well, older." "Yeah, in your picture you look at least 15 years older" I said. "That would mean I looked over 50, right?" Jordan quipped. I was a bit embarrassed by my indirectly saying he looked over 50, but I replied "Yeah, I guess that's what you look like in the picture." Jordan then said something I'll never forget; "This is not your ordinary hair replacement procedure. In fact, this one is so unique, it's patented." His comment startled me. Patented? In all of my research two years before, I'd never come across anything in hair replacement that was patented. Again, I'd only found the same old stuff being re-packaged. Jordan continued "There's no way I ever wanted to look like that guy who just walked by with that rug on his head. I'd rather be bald for the rest of my life than look like that. But when I found Cyberhair I was immediately impressed. I was real skeptical, but I couldn't deny that this was something different, and it made a lot more sense than anything else I'd ever seen."

At this point I pulled out my note pad and pencil and started taking notes. "You don't mind if I take a few notes, do you?" I asked. "No, go right ahead. Just don't mention my last name in anything you write. Though I was bold about telling you I've had something done, I just want to be a normal guy with a great head of hair from now on." I agreed and went on to interview him.

This is what I found. Cyberhair is indeed patented. In fact, it has worldwide patents. It's a man-made fiber that's made in such a way that it actually recreates sort of a "cuticle" on the hair similar to human hair. It's up to four times stronger than human hair, it has "style memory" so that it can almost "style itself". And Cyberhair doesn't fade. Unlike the old methods that I've mentioned earlier, where the hair is constantly fading and needs to be re-dyed again and again (causing a certain unnatural appearance in most hair replacement), Cyberhair is matched to a person's own hair color and maintains that precise color almost indefinitely. Jordan proceeded to tell me that unlike traditional hair replacement that needs to be replaced (at a pretty good expense) every 3-12 months, Cyberhair could go for years. At this point, the reporter in me came out.

"Ah huh! I gotcha! How can you know Cyberhair will last for years if it's brand-new. I mean, it wasn't around even two years ago when I did my research and story!" I sat back, feeling pretty good that I'd just caught this guy in an exaggeration. "Nobody is going to pull a fast one on this reporter" I thought. But, I was shocked when Jordan told me that Cyberhair has been around for over ten years. "Why haven't I ever heard of it?" I wondered. I felt like I failed my job as a reporter by not including information about Cyberhair in my story two years earlier. But I learned from speaking with Jordan that Cyberhair has been available through a few selected specialists throughout the U.S. for just the past couple of years after being big in Asia and Europe for the past decade. They had a lot of experience with the hair and could say that the hair lasts much longer than typical hair replacement. With that, I felt better about myself as a reporter, but I had to take this to the next level. I felt I needed to "finish" the story I'd written two years earlier. So, thanking Jordan, I excused myself and ran across the street to visit the Cyberhair specialist who did Jordan's hair. To make a long story short, I spent the next 2-1/2 hours interviewing the owner (he was very gracious) and observing the work they do there. Everything I'd learned from Jordan was true. This is so unique it's patented. And it looks, acts and feels like real human hair, with the added benefit of being stronger, more durable and actually easier to style than human hair. I was astounded. It was better than I thought. I caught myself at one point thinking to myself "Come on. You're a reporter. Look for the negatives here. There's got to be something you can expose." But I never came up with anything. Since my visit I've studied the literature, I've spoken to clients, I've researched Cyberhair every which way. And though as a reporter I can't endorse anything directly, I can tell you that if you're bothered by hair loss, you should start and end your search with Cyberhair.

I walked out of the building late that afternoon and looked across the street at the empty park bench where I met Jordan. As I walked along I imagined him out that evening, feeling young again; looking in the mirror and loving what he sees; feeling in control of his appearance and his life. I must admit I envied him as I pictured him going about his life, no longer with a hair loss problem.