Kilgore Firefighters killed in a training accident

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Longview, TX (KLTV) - A tragic training accident claims the lives of two Kilgore firefighters, falling 8 stories from a building and investigators are looking into what went wrong.

It happened around 2 p.m. Sunday as firefighters were training on a student dorm building on the campus of Kilgore college near the student center. It was a horrifying sight to all who were there at Stark Hall. As a ladder truck lifted firefighters to the top of the structure, two firefighters fell to their deaths.

"We haven't determined if they were actually on a ladder a ladder truck was involved but we don't know that," said Kilgore Police officer Roman Roberson.

School officials say training drills like this had gone on here on campus for years without incident, but halfway through this one something went terribly wrong. 45 year old Kyle Perkins and 23 year old Cory Galloway suffered serious injuries from the fall and were rushed to Good Shepherd Medical Center.

"Both firefighters died at the hospital, it's a small department everybody's really close, the police and fire departments, so pretty somber here. There was some witnesses that stated it may have got hung up under the building, but I'm not in a place to answer that right now we don't know," Roberson says.

Perkins had ben with the department 4 years, Galloway only a year. The loss has hit the small community hard.

"Its a shame that this had to happen and as far as the college our hearts go out to the victims and the families," says Kilgore College public information officer Cris Craddock.

Two other firefighters were also injured in the accident, but were treated at a Longview hospital and released. What caused the deadly accident is under investigation by Kilgore police and fire.