Mother of David Koresh murdered

(KLTV) - Waco, Texas...April 19, 1993...Flames ignite inside the building housing members of the Branch Davidian a religious sect led by David Koresh, a thirty three year old self proclaimed prophet. 82 Branch Davidians died that day, fifteen of those family members belonging to Bonnie Haldeman, who lost her son David and fourteen grandchildren, two of whom weren't even born yet.

Years later she chronicled her life in "Memories of the Branch Davidians, The Autobiography of David Koresh's mother." Helping her was Dr. Catherine Wessinger, a professor at Loyola University. Hearing of the murder Friday afternoon when Haldeman was found stabbed to death in her sisters home, Wessinger remembers her friend.

"Bonnie was a very vibrant and alive person and to have her gone so suddenly is really hard to comprehend and again its just so sad that she is murdered by someone who i think loves her."

This picture shows Haldeman the day they first met in 2001, outside of a Cracker Barrel in Waco after attending a symposium on the incident in Waco. After Waco in 1993 Haldeman moved here, a house just outside Chandler, Texas.  Working as a nurse in Tyler, she spent time taking care of her sister and mother who lived close by. Her murder Friday, a loss for a family who's been there before.

"It's a huge tragedy for the family which has already experienced a great deal of tragedy and its also a tragedy for all her friends and people who love bonnie."

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