East Texans rescue horse rescue organization

By Bob Hallmark - bio - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas horse rescue group is still alive thanks to some caring neighbors.  Last week, KLTV 7 told you about Safe Haven Equine Rescue in Upshur County.  They barely had enough supplies to last a week, but the organization that rescues horses has been rescued.

It was last Saturday Safe Haven was nearly dead and buried.  It only had enough money for one week of feed and medical care for a barn full of starving horses.

"Our barns totally full, and there's still a lot of starving horses out there," said Safe Haven director Richard Fincher.   After our story aired last week, dozens of phone calls and e-mails came in from people wanting to help.

"People have been calling and say 'hey we've got feed here and hay,'" said Fincher.  Feed and hay were donated, along with thousands of dollars for desperately needed medical care.

"There's horses hurt and I can give them the medical care, we can do the doctoring," said Fincher.   The work of helping starved and neglected horses will go on thanks to those who came to the rescue.

"People have a good heart," said Fincher.  "Times are hard right now, and they still dug in their pockets and set a little bit aside for us, which we appreciate and thank the good Lord about because this is what Safe Haven's about.  It's about saving the horses.  It makes my heart feel good to know I did something good for a horse."  East Texans were not the only ones to help. Safe Haven even got donations from residents in Louisiana and Oklahoma.