Aretha's hat sparks a trend

By Molly Reuter - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - On Tuesday, when Aretha Franklin performed in front of millions at President Obama's inauguration with her large hat, ahe started a new fashion trend.

Now, an East Texas store has been flooded with calls. KLTV decided to go to "One More Pair" in Tyler to find out what this new buzz is all about.


"One More Pair! May I help you," asks Jennifer Johnson, owner of "One More Pair".

Her phone has not stopped ringing since Tuesday.

Aretha Franklin's celebrity status has turned "Mr. Song Hats", the designer of these hats and Jennifer Johnson's store in Tyler into a hot spot.

"After I called the manufacturer and found out what the big rage was about, that's when I began letting people know yes, I will be having that hat.

Since the inauguration Jennifer said she has been getting calls all over the country; even as far away as England. The reason why? The world wide web.

If you type "Mr. Song Hats" into Yahoo, Jennifer's store pops right up.

"Just this morning I sold one from, umm, Arizona," said Johnson. "I've never had anybody come in want just that one hat before.

So... What's the big deal? Jennifer says Mr. Song hats have been around for more than 20 years. Since Tuesday, she's sold 70 of them and has another hundred, or so on backorder.

"They do make a really nice hat, but I think just because of Aretha and being able to say, oh I have the hat that Aretha wore at the inauguration," said Johnson.

And I guess now, Jennifer can say she "sold" the hat Aretha wore at the inauguration.

Jennifer says Mr. Song is only making duplicate's of Aretha's hat made of ribbon and not felt. She says the one Aretha wore is a one of a kind.