Kids Choice For Hottest Halloween Costumes

Whether your kids like spooky or sweet it's time to go shopping for that perfect Halloween costume.

So what are the hottest costume's this "trick or treating" season?

Parents and kids don't always agree.

Taylor Hutt and her mom are trying to find her a costume.

They aren't agreeing.

"I thought you were gonna be a Power P uff girl," says Taylor's mom Laura.

Taylor responds, "There's no Power Puff girls this Halloween."

Other kids sift through the isles of witches, fairies and Spiderman costumes looking for just the perfect one.

What do adults think are the best choices?

"More towards the Power Rangers stuff, more than the scary stuff really," says Target employee, Lee Lambert.

But the question is do the kids agree?

"I wanted to be a vampire but now I want to be a queen," says Lindsay Tatum.

"Fireman. They take care of people," says Drew Cooper.

Back with Taylor and her mom, still no compromising.

"You could be magenta," says mom.

"Magenta is for babies," responds Taylor.

So why do kids love Halloween?

Well, that's not too hard to figure out.

"Well, that we get to go to other people's doorstep and get candy," says Haley Richards.

"Getting to dress up and go to people's houses so they'll see what you look like," says Jordyn Richards.

Meanwhile, Taylor may have found a winner.

"Oh boy I love that costume," says Taylor about a Little Mermaid dress.

Mom wonders about the price, "It's $30. Do you have $30?"

Taylor says she does, much to her mother's surprise and doubt.