Short-Sighted Burglar Takes Bucks, Leaves Damage

They were cleaning up the damage on the upper floors of the Regions Bank building in downtown Tyler Monday, as Tyler Police were investigating break-ins in more than a dozen offices over the weekend.

Apparently someone came inside, pried his way into the offices, and then began tearing into locked desks and file cabinets. No office supplies or computers were taken, so police suspect the burglar was looking for something specific.

Tyler Police Officer Chris Moore said, "As best as we can tell, he was probably looking for petty cash. Some cash is missing from some of the offices, but for the most part, many of the offices just suffered damage."

Investigators don't have a total on the amount of money stolen from the building, but police say it couldn't have been a large sum. They plan to continue the investigation, including a look into the building's security.