An energy efficient "set of wheels"

By Morgan Chesky - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Uncertain energy costs, the green movement and personal fitness trends - three reasons people are looking for other ways to get around. But an East Texas man claims he's found the answer. This new way of getting from point a to point b can be easy and fun.

"You ride it like a regular bicycle. It looks like a regular bicycle," said Bill Hebb.

But this bike is anything but regular.

"This is the Electric Glide 500."

An electric bicycle for accountant turned bikemaker Bill Hebb. The idea came while visiting China when commuters whizzed by on E-bikes. And Hebb believes America is ready for them.

"I looked at the insert in gas prices. I looked at the green movement. I looked at the rising baby boomer pop. And I said the time is right for an electric bicycle in the United States," he explained.

And Hebb's bike has all the bells and whistles most people need, with fenders, disc brakes, a headlight and even a speedometer. To ride, Hebb said all you do is plug, then play. The removable battery gives riders around thirty miles per charge and weighs a little more than a laptop, providing a biking option for experienced cyclists and non-bikers as well.

"I think it'll help out people who would like to ride bikes and would like to have the fun of riding bikes but they just can't get up those hills," said Hebb.

But what good is a story on an E-bike if you can't ride it? I decided to take it for a spin.

But don't forget your helmet! Safety first of course.

It was surprisingly smooth. I could tell the little engine packs quite a punch, letting you pedal for extra speed but powering you easily.

"What's really cool is when you're in traffic and you take off from a stoplight and you're the first one out."

An idea I might just have to try.

If you would like to know more about the electric bike just go to our "Know More on 7" page where you will find a link to Hebb's E-bikes website.