She ran three quarters of a mile; straight to the police station

By Bob Hallmark - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

A Sulphur Springs woman had a scary morning when two men broke into her home. She kept her wits about her and was able to alert police. But she did not use a phone and she does not have a car.

"Her first thought was somethings happening in my house I've got to get out and get help from the police," said Chief of Police, Jim Bayuk

It was around three this morning when police say two men, 18 year old Joshua Timmons and 19 year old Anthony Fralin, Junior, crashed through the windows of a Putman Street home.

"Soon as she heard the glass break, her immediate response was to leave the danger," said Bayuk.

The victim in this case did not have a car so she ran three quarters of a mile, all the way down the road, straight to the police station and in spite of not being able to speak English, she somehow conveyed the message that her house had been broken into.

"Saw a lady running down the street screaming, everybody wants to know whats going on," said Bayuk. "Found out what address she lived at."

Four officers raced to the location where they found one suspect running out of the back door and another hiding in a closet inside. Police say the victims quick thinking is probably why she was unhurt, and why the suspects were captured quickly.

Both suspects are being held on 50-thousand dollars bond. The location of the victim's home is not being released.