Mineola's mission to wash away the evil

By Courtney Lane - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - Could the building known as the "Mineola Child Sex Club" be restored and used for God's glory?

That's what an East Texas ministry wants to do. The Bread of Life runs a food pantry that feeds low-income families and the elderly. They're hoping not only to grow and help those in need, but also restore their town's image.

Behind these walls and inside these dark rooms. Children were once trained and forced to be sex slaves. Unfortunately, that's how it's remembered, as the "Mineola Swinger's Club." But it was once a hospital and a daycare, and has just been sitting here growing stagnant.

"Every time, when I pass here, when it was for sale, my heart just jumps," said Reverend Ken Teo.

He said the building would provide the perfect space for his food pantry ministry. Which is now run out of two small, cramped rooms.

"I think we have a great facility here with a lot of potential, great visibility," said Steven Smith, a realtor.

His client is selling the building for 85-thousand dollars, and he's hoping the ministry can raise enough to turn this place around.

"There's a lot of feelings of disgust about what went on here a few years ago," Smith said. "It saddens me when I speak to somebody and I tell them I'm from Mineola and their first connection to that name, Mineola, is what occurred here a few years ago with those children, it was awful."

"This building was used in the wrong sense by people and we want to bring the integrity back to our city again," said Rev. Teo.

The Revered came to East Texas as a missionary from Singapore. He said he feels God calling him to stay in Mineola, and there's a lot of work. During this recession monetary giving is down, but needs are even greater. But they say that God always provides. And with enough help and donations from East Texans they're hoping to clean the stain from the ground up.

"It would bring a lot of light to Mineola and to this place that used to really dark for such a long time," said Smith.

To learn more about the ministry and how you can help, just go to our "Know More on 7" page and then look for the story "Mineola Ministry."