Rangers broadcaster Grieve gives voice to prostate cancer awareness

For the last 14 years Tom Grieve has been the voice of the Texas Rangers.

A player in the 1970's, a general manager in the 1980's and 1990's, Tom is Mr. Texas Ranger.

When he was down, it was Ranger fans that helped him up.

"You don't realize, you should know it, but you don't realize it until you have a crisis like that how you do reach people that watch our games," Tom told KLTV 7 Sports.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer in May, Tom had his prostate removed in June. A former athlete, who still takes good care of himself, Tom credits early detection for saving his life.

It is another matter he gives his voice to.

"Prostate cancer is the kind of disease that if you find it when you're supposed to find it through early detection, it can be treated quite easily," Tom said. "It's when you let your physical go, don't get your PSA test, or you wait too long, that's when you can have a problem."

Grieve credits early detection for his quick return to the broadcasters booth. Even during his recovery, Ranger fans kept him busy.

"During that two weeks I think I spent most of my time, writing thank you notes to the people that sent me notes or things in the mail."

Cancer-free, Tom is ready for another season in the booth.

"It is exciting and it's loads of fun."

Tom Grieve will begin his 15th regular season as a Rangers broadcaster on April 1st when the Rangers face the Angels on the road.