Keeping East Texans safe from salmonella

By Lakecia Shockley,

More than 125 products have now been recalled in a salmonella-and-peanuts investigation that just keeps getting bigger. All were made with peanut paste or peanut butter made at a Peanut Corp. of America plant in Blakely, GA. That plant has suspended production.

How local stores are making sure to keep East Texans safe?

"America's love for eating peanut butter, in some cases, is biting back," said Buck Farrar, an Environmental Health Supervisor.

"The chills, fever, headache, diarrhea, those are your classic symptoms," said Farrar. "Obviously, the elderly, the young, and immuno compromised are most affected."

He says salmonella can be dangerous, even deadly, but...

"We have had no reports of any people that think they've been infected with this salmonella from those sources," said Farrar.

The nationwide salmonella outbreak is now linked to 485 illnesses and six deaths across 43 states. More than 120 products have been recalled, like Austin Peanut Butter Crackers. Even more recalls are expected to come.

At Brookshire's Grocery Store, mangers tell us they've had to pull 50 to 60 Austin Crackers from their shelves. They've also had to pull Luna and Clif Peanut Butter Bars from their shelves and Super One's."

We called Kroger's and Alberston's Wednsday. They said that as of right now, they haven't had to pull any products from their shelves, and there is another peanut butter favorite that we wanted to make sure is not on the contaminated list. Peanut butter girl scout cookies.

"They are absolutely safe. There is in no way any connection with the Peanut Butter Corp.," said Tina Shepard with Girl Scouts of America. "We have been basically guaranteed by our bakers that they don't use any products from there."

What is on the list? Click on the Know More on Seven link and find the recall banner where you can see all the recalled products.