Volunteers Leave Families, Jobs, Churches, To Fight Fire

It was an early morning for area firefighters, many of whom were awoken or called from church to control a house trailer fire.

Bullard VFD Assistant Chief Keith Newburn admits, "As a matter of fact, I had just gotten out of bed and was fixing to eat breakfast and then go to my second job. We all have regular jobs, we all have regular families, but when we get the page we come out and respond as needed."

Like most other volunteers, Keith has a family, a wife and six children. "When our pager goes off, we get up and go. Most of the time the families find out afterwards what's going on, otherwise they turn the scanner on and find out."

Newburn admits his family is always on his mind. "We have to focus first on the job at hand, protecting life and property, but they're always in the back of my mind every time we go out."

Keith is a third generation firefighter. He figures he won't be the last Newburn firefighter, either. "Two of my boys are actually with me at the fire department when they can be. If I would let them respond to these calls, they would be out here as well."

In the end, the volunteers did their job. "Although this structure's a total loss," Newbury says, "There's no damage at all to the next door structure."

And so, back home to their families for the weary fire fighters.