Rangers’ First Baseman Davis Returns To Lobo Territory

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Five years ago, Chris Davis was a student at Longview High School.

Tuesday the Texas Rangers' first baseman was back on his old stomping ground. Home with the Rangers Winter Caravan along with broadcaster Tom Grieve and outfielder Brandon Boggs, Chris sent a clear message to Longview students.

He made it and they can too.

"It's always good coming back here," Chris said moments after arriving at his old high school. "It's good to see a familiar place and some of the familiar faces."

Chris walked in the same shoes as the young Lobos that on Tuesday asked for his autograph. He hopes to be an example, encouraging Lobo students to follow his steps.

"I feel very fortunate and very blessed to go out there and do what I do everyday," Chris said, "and to be in the position that I'm in. It all started right here. So I've got to give props to my hometown."

In his four months as a major league player, Chris batted .285, with 17 homeruns and was the Rangers' rookie of the year.

"It's crazy. I really didn't realize the impact of everything that had happened until the end of the season when I had to chance to sit down and kind of think about it."

Realizing his childhood dream, was part of Chris' message to Lobo students.

"I feel very privileged to stand up here in front of you guys wearing a Rangers jersey today," Chris told the crowd.

"In Chris' case, coming back here to Longview is a great opportunity," Rangers broadcaster Tom Grieve said. "Not just for the Rangers, but for Chris to come back and tell everybody here how much he appreciates being brought up in Longview."

"I worked hard and kept my focus and stayed committed and look at where it's taken me," Chris said. "I really think that it is shows that you can be from anywhere, any town and any background as long as you stay committed and work hard."

"When we were driving in, I saw a sign that said 'The Home of David Wesley' who had played in the NBA for 13 years," Tom Grieve said. "I think the other name was Neal McCoy. I said to the driver in the car, maybe another five or six years there will be another sign here for Chris Davis."