East Texas students get a history lesson

By Molly Reuter - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

For a student, there probably was no better place to watch history.

"I think this will really hit us when we are telling our children about it, or our grandchildren about it," said Julie Fryman, a junior at Robert E. Lee.

"It just shows how much America has changed, and hopefully the change he can bring about that we need right now," said Taylor Haas, also a junior.

Limuel Norris said he knew he a great opportunity to teach his students about our past presidents. He asked them to compare President Obama's acceptance speech to that of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

"One of the pages in this activity was to look for key words that were repeated throughout the speech, and also some of the key issues," said the history teacher.

For Norris, the inauguration held a special meaning. He graduated from high school in South Carolina when school's were still segregated.

"I think it was definitely a message of hope, which seems to be a key term being used here, and it certainly was," said Norris.

So here is a little trivia for you: The first inauguration speech was also the shortest. George Washington spoke just 135 words when he assumed office.