The best kind of birthday present

By Courtney Lane - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - She has waited more than a century to witness this moment, and it couldn't have happened on a more special day.

Miss Annie Smith turned 101 years old today, and on this birthday she watched our nation take a huge step forward, which she hopes will unite all Americans.

To Annie Smith, watching this historical moment is the best birthday present; a dream, she never doubted would come true.

"Martin Luther King, well they assassinated him, but he said in 25 years there's going to be a negro president," said Smith. "Let God fix it it'll happen, now it's done happen."

Her eyes have seen Americans segregated and further back to times of hard labor.

"We went through the storms. We went through the rain. We had to cook. We had to cut wood. We had to draw water."

Now, in a much different world, she saw all races unite on the national mall.

"The Lord blessed us, see how far we've come," she asked. "This is history, for young folks if they'd take this in and live by it, it'd be a better world."

Smith, like millions of others, was inspired by President Obama's speech.

"He's a Christian man. I believe he is, and I believe if they would obey him and help him they can get this world back, this world's in bad shape."

But she's hopeful for change and feels blessed she lived to see the beginning.

"Yeah Lord, yeah, she's certainly seen history, right."