East Texas college celebrates historic moment

By Lakecia Shockley - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - Thousands of students in East Texas witnessed, the historic inauguration, in their classrooms. But there's one East Texas school that we thought would have a unique perspective because of their unique history. Wiley college was the home of the "great debaters", a historic African American college.

You hear it in their voices and can see it on their faces. At the historical black Wiley College, students walk the streets with pride. They march in honor of our new President Barack Obama and the change they hope he will bring.

"This breaks all boundaries. There are no limits. The sky is the limit," said Toryn Fowler, SGA Vice President. "You used to be able to tell your children you can be anything you want to be. President was a little iffy. Now, you can do anything you want to do."

"Now is the time to be a black man and stand up and take those young guys off the street and put them in to organizations and group clubs and make them grow up," said Shaun Cooper with Kappa Alpha Pis Inc.

Inside the Wiley College student hall students and faculty watch every moment of the inauguration reflecting on the present and the past.

"I was in that struggle back in the 50's," said Christine Cooper, the Career Services Director at Wiley College. "I was in sit ends Wiley was apart of that too and to see where we've come from up until now, I mean, it's an awesome day."

"This is a great time for our country. This is a great time for Wiley, for our students to be here to witness this and hopefully gain the momentum that we all feel," said Cooper.

When Obama' s moment finally came all Wiley College could do is celebrate America's new beginning.

The brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity organized the Barack Obama student march and watch party at Wiley College.