Women Pitch In With Habitat For Humanity Home

They started Saturday morning at eight. Twenty women, most of whom with no construction experience, picked up hammers and began to learn to build a house.

Construction Manager Kathy Fiebig admits, "Some a little more quickly than others I will admit, but for the most part they do fine."

This is a women built house, which means only females are doing the volunteer work for this Habitat for Humanity home. These women not only volunteered their time, they volunteered for some heavy on the job training.

Brenda Johnson, who works as an administrative secretary in the city manager's office, learned "Everything. Everything from how to drive a nail, to how to measure to how to saw. All of it. Next time my husband tries to add on to something, I'll know how to help him."

And so they came to learn, and help each other. "It's hard to explain," Fiebig says, "but it's a whole different feel on the job site on a woman build. We laugh a lot more, we get a lot crazier, we do a lot more celebrating."

In the end, it was more than just a good bonding experience. Twenty women helped a mother of three get one step closer to her dream of owning a house.

Future homeowner Pamala Ford said "Once I walk in and everything is all done, with the carpet and everything...I might have to pinch myself."

Even though she's worked on almost twenty houses, Fiebig explains, "The satisfaction never becomes any less. On that day when you see their face when they get the keys, it never wears off."