"...his face [is] burned in my memory," said robbery victim

By Courtney Lane - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Tyler police are hot on the trail of two aggravated robbery suspects. One woman, believed to be involved, has already been arrested. The bond for Natalia Sauer is set at $75,500.00. The ninteen year old was taken into custody after a chase Saturday night, but the other two suspects got away.

Police said the robbers are the same ones who jumped an ETMC employee last week...

She usually leaves with a group, but last Thursday night Jo Epperson left work late. It was about 7:30 and she soon realized she was being followed.

"He sped around beside me and that alarmed me so I began to walk really fast," Epperson began. "He jumped out of his car and began to holler ma'am and I just shouted out, "get away from me."

But he didn't back off. Instead the suspect grabbed for her purse, and Epperson fought back.

"We fought all the way until the end down here until finally he swung me down and got my purse and then he threw my keys at me," Epperson explained.

Police say he's one of two suspects who robbed another woman outside a church Saturday night. There was a chase, but the two men jumped a fence and ran into the woods. Only Sauer was captured. Epperson gave police a detailed description of her attacker.

"I have a vivid image of his face burned in my memory. I won't forget it for a long long time," said Epperson.

She's hoping officers get these men off the street soon so they can't victimize another woman.

"We need to protect ourselves, we need to walk in groups, get a can of mace," said Epperson who will be more aware from now on, and thankful she's here to tell her story and warn others. "He could have had a gun. He could've had a knife, and then I could have been up on our trauma unit."

Epperson says she tried to get a license plate number, but the suspect had it covered with a piece of paper. Fortunately, she only had about twenty dollars in her purse, and she canceled all her credit cards before the suspects could use them.