Vandals Destroy Costly Construction Equipment

Construction workers found their South Tyler worksite littered with torn tires and damaged tractors Friday morning. Vandals targeted the site overnight, leaving four construction companies with thousands of dollars in damages. The construction area is located on Skidmore just off of South Broadway Avenue.

L&L Asphalt, Northstar Utilities, Holt Caterpillar and Future Rentals, had equipment sitting on the property. All four companies lost more than a $100,000 combined, according to Tyler Police Officer Chris Moore.

Those responsible used one of the tractors to knock over some of the equipment and to rip through tires and hydraulic systems, said Moore.

"People don't realize the position they're putting somebody in when they do something like this," said John Campbell with L&L Asphalt. "This not only costs a lot of money, but  we have deadlines (to meet) and we can't work here."

Police have no suspects at this time, but encourage those with information to call 597-Cuff.