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Circuit City closes Tyler store

By Morgan Chesky - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - You've heard rumors and Friday they came true.  Circuit City is closing all of its 567 stores nationwide.  At its Tyler store Saturday, lines of people went right out the door.  Many hoped to get inside in time to find TV's, DVDs, and other electronics at closeout sale prices before the doors are shut for good. 

"Saw the sign, read it in the paper yesterday and now they're actually going out of business wanna see what kind of deals they got," said shopper Joey Corbett. 

"Oh, just coming out to see what kind of deals they have, maybe like a screen for my truck, or something," said Tyler Meyer.  If you have any recently purchased Circuit City products your 30 day return policy is now cut down to 14.  Circuit City closes as the nations second biggest electronic retailer right behind Best Buy.


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