East Texan's film honored by Christian musical festival

By Molly Reuter - bio - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - He's dreamed of making movies since he was seven years-old.  Now, one East Texas man's film has been selected as a finalist in the nation's premiere independent Christian film festivals.  This is one film all of East Texas can be proud of.

In less than a year, Graham Alexander, 20 wrote, directed and filmed The Sound of a Dirt Road. It's a movie about rural society, filmed right here in East Texas.

"There is so much poetic about that culture, a farmer and a rancher," said Alexander.  "In this fast passed culture today, we miss that, and we forget that it's such a vital part of our economy and our life."  Friday night, Alexander showed his film to family and friends at Grace Community High School in Tyler.  Alexander and many of the actors in the movie graduated from Grace.

"People can't believe it," said Alexander.  "I mean they always knew I loved to make movies, but here we are two, two and a half years out of high school, and we're already in the most premier Christian film festival."  Alexander is talking about the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.  The Sound of a Dirt Road was chosen as one of eight finalists in the feature film category, out of 50 submissions.

"It's really a privileged and an honor," said Alexander.  "I don't think we necessarily deserve it, but we are honored to be in a league with Fireproof, which was the highest grossing independent film in the nation."  Alexander says they shot the film for less than $900.

"For a feature film, that's unheard of," said Alexander.  At just 20 years-old, this East Texan has a lot to proud of.

Alexander attends a small bible college in California and is majoring in film.  He says he wants to make another movie this summer.