Rescue organization in dire straits

By Bob Hallmark - bio - email

UPSHUR COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas horse rescue organization has reached its critical stage, caring for more animals that it has resources for.  For years Richard Fincher's passion at Safe Haven Equine Rescue has been to save starving and neglected horses in East Texas.

"It takes nine months to a year, or more to get them down like this, and it takes us almost the same to get them back where their healthy again," said Fincher.  He miraculously rehabilitates emaciated animals.  Over the past four years Safe Haven has spent countless hours trying to educate the public on horse health, but now it has reached a crisis situation.  The money has run out, and Fincher is taking care of more horses than he has feed for, and he only has another weeks worth of feed and hay.

"Slack on funds in order to buy the feed and medical care, and the horses are coming in faster that what we expected," said Fincher.  One bright moment, Saturday, kids including a 4 year-old donated their money to help Safe Haven.

"How important it is to love animals and care about animals, as well as, people, and this is an important charity lesson for her," said 4 year-old's mother Lisa Driscoll.  The problem is compounded by people keeping horses as pets.

"It's just neglect," said Fincher.  "These horses, they were a toy for a while, then the newness wares off, and there's other things to do, don't worry about the horses."  Fincher hopes East Texans will rescue Safe Haven.

If you'd like to help with either feed, or donations, contact Safe Haven at 903-762-1432.