East Texas Recession Survival Guide: 3 tips to eating healthy and cheap

By Morgan Chesky - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

This recession is forcing people to make cuts everywhere. Even at the grocery store which can be tough, especially if you are trying to eat healthier foods that cost a little extra.

When it comes to eating healthy she makes it simple.

"You are what you eat," said Wanda Mattias.

I followed Wanda, a wife and mother of two, who showed me you can fill up on healthy foods without emptying your wallet.

"It's somewhere in this store," said Wanda "Ah, follow me."

Tip number one: read the ingredients

"This one says no salt added, and you look on the back and it says peas water and then sugar...(maybe you don't want sugar)," notes, Wanda.

Nutrition Coach Will Burgin adds another often overlooked secret.

"Shop the sales ads and the coupons," he said. "Use 'em. It's one of the ideal ways to save money."

Number three?

Prepare your food ahead of time.

"If that meal doesn't work then fine there's this other one over here that you've already got prepared," said Wanda.

Preparation and planning. Advice shared by Burgin who makes this point.

"Plan," said Burgin "If you don't plan just like financially you're gonna go bankrupt. If you don't plan nutritionally, your nutrition is gonna go bankrupt."

Here's another healthy super market tip: stay to the outside aisles. That's where you will find the fresher, unprocessed goods.