Rusk Co shooting update - names released

The names of the people involved in Thursday's Cherokee County shooting have been released.

Sheriff's Deputies were called to a home on County Road 1103, just south of Rusk. Inside, they found twenty-nine-year-old Rachel Halcomb dead, shot twice in the head. The alleged shooter? Rachel's father.

Deputies said the two had been arguing over the father's drinking, when he shot Rachel with a shotgun. Rachel's husband, SPC. George Halcomb, a soldier on leave from Iraq, then pulled a handgun, shooting the father. The father was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Officials also tell us that two small children were in the home.

"Certainly the most difficult aspect would be dealing with the family. In this case there are young children that are in the vicinity of the alleged offense, making sure that their emotional, physical and well being is being provided for is usually the most difficult for officers," said Captain Chris White of the Cherokee County Sheriffs Office.

The father is in the hospital, now, in stable condition. Officials are not releasing his name, yet. They say if he survives, he will be charged with murder. Right now, there is no word on if the husband will be charged with any crime.