Telecommunication stays strong in recession

By Morgan Chesky - email

Speaking at Tyler's Rose Garden Center today, economic analyst Dr. Ray Perryman told East Texans what to expect in the coming months. His message... economic diversity is key to staying afloat in a recession.  The oil and healthcare industries have helped East Texans fare better than most in this economy, but they are not the only ones helping out.

Dr. Perryman says there is a glimmer of hope and some things happening going in a direction that should get us out of this hopefully within the next six months.

Tom Mullins with the Tyler Economic Development Council says, "Tyler is a telecommunications center. We have about a thousand employees working here in cable and internet services...and that's growing.

Suddenlink Communications Director Skip Ogle says the reasons for the growth are simply the sacrifices people are making.

He tells KLTV 7 "Most folks across the United States can do with out something like a brand new car, but most of those same folks will not do without high speed internet or won't do without their tv at home or won't do without their telephone."

Ogle says the growth also mirrors the days of old, telling us, "Telecommunications is much like the railroad was a hundred years ago. If the railroad did not come through your community, your community probably suffered. "

Making that light at the end of the tunnell a little bit brighter.