Tour of State Fair: The Extreme Rides

Going on the rides is as much a fair tradition as popcorn and corn dogs. But the rides aren't just Ferris wheels and roller coasters anymore.

The State Fair of Texas has added some new thrills to the mix. Now, the excitement can get a bit more extreme. Every fair and carnival has their amusement park rides. At the State Fair, it's the world famous midway, where there's something for everybody.

But for some people the old fashioned roller coasters just aren't cutting it anymore. Today's thrill-seeker wants extreme thrills; like the adrenaline drop. The "ride" features an eighty five foot free fall to the net below. It takes less than three seconds. One "survivor", Andrew Balber of Dallas, had this to say; "[the drop is] much longer than i was expecting. It felt like an eternity going all the way down."

For more of a horizontal rush, how about the skycoaster? the ride that pull you back and lets you swing like the pendulum of a huge grandfather clock.

People are coming out to be dropped, swung, thrown, spun, and to just get that feeling that they're lucky to be alive. These rides aren't for everybody. You've got to have a strong heart, a brave soul, and at least thirty bucks a pop. But for people who are bored with the old school rides, no price is too large to pay.