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10/9/02 - Tyler

East Texans Weigh-in on Governor's Debate

   Governor Rick Perry and Democratic rival Tony Sanchez had the chance to leave the mud-slinging behind them in a televised debate Wednesday night and win voters on the issues, right?

   "They talked more rhetoric than anything else and they showed how personal they are trying to make it instead of talking about the issues," says John Moore. "They both side stepped the issue about the tax rate."

   "I'm just not really interested in it right now," says a male voter.

   During the debate, Perry continued hammering Sanchez on his bank scandal, Sanchez blamed Perry for the insurance problems in Texas. "I just want to know the truth about the banking and the insurance," says Melinda.

   "It's still unresolved to me."

   But did many East Texans even care about a Governor's debate?

   Reporter asks, "Did you watch the governor's debate?" Voter answers, "No." reporter asks, "Any reason why?" Voter answers, "No." Reporter asks, "Were you interested at all?" Voter answers, "No."

   "I just forgot the debates were on," says an East Texas voter.

   "I didn't watch it because I have already made up my mind who I am going to vote for," says Tom Blackwell.

   Out of the hundred or so East Texans we talked to, only a handful tuned in to give Perry and Sanchez a chance to win their vote.

   "I just wanted to see it before I went and made my final vote. Pick the lesser of two evils and go forward," says Billy Lemmons.

   October 24th is the next time to see Sanchez and Perry side by side, but until then, Texans still have the so-called mud.

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