Children with Nazi-inspired names removed from parents' home

Three-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell and his two younger sisters, one named Jocylen Aryan Nation, have been removed from their parents' home, and the state agency is not saying if the nazi-inspired names are the reason.

The children and their parents received national attention last month when a local grocery store refused to put Adolf Hitler's name on a birthday cake.

The three siblings are in state custody. The local police chief says the children were removed last week.

"We usually stand by with these agencies just to keep the peace if there's any problems at that point which there wasn't that day," said Chief David Van Gilson with the Holland Township Police Department.

The chief says he doesn't know why the kids were taken from their home. He says his department received no reports of abuse or neglect. A spokesperson from youth and family services says they would never remove a child from a home because of a child's name.

A hearing is scheduled to decide whether the state can temporarily place the children in another home.