The Amazing Spiderman or should we say "Obama-man"

By Jamey Boyum - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

It's probably safe to say that Tuesday's inauguration will be a big day for Barak Obama. But Wednesday was pretty big, too. That's because Amazing Spiderman number 583 was released. It features a short story with the President-elect, who is a big Spiderman fan.

They received over forty calls the day Spiderman met Obama. It caused, well...

"Chaos. Mostly answering phones to explain to people why I don't have this book," said Dave Seigler of Ground Zero Comics in Tyler.

And, no, he's not holding out waiting for a price jump. There already is one. So, why doesn't Dave here have a hundred extra copies?

"They surprised us with very little warning so very few retailers got very many copies. We got our normal shipment, our shipment was gone to our normal comic customers," he explained.

So, those who request Spidey every month get a five page story about a foiled assassination attempt, with a comic Barack on the cover. Wait a minute. What gives?

"They did an incentive cover. They asked retailers to up their orders on the basic book and they would get a certain number of the covers with Obama on it," said Dave.

In case you are wondering, he doesn't have any of those, either. Maybe Spidey's on the web, as it were. It's probably affordable on ebay. Its not like its going to be two-hundred-fifty dollars or something. Really, it's not. It's only two-hundred-forty-nine ninety-nine.

"They're going to basically rush it back to print, print more copies and they can sell more books, and hopefully everyone that wants a copy will get one,"

With that, the comic goes back in the box waiting for pick-up. I have just one more question, "Could I have one?"

"Haha," Dave replies.

Even though laughter is usually a positive thing, this time it means no.

The artwork in the story was made by Bullard High School graduate Todd Nauik. He now lives in Los Angeles and has drawn comic books for the last ten years.