"Walker, Texas Ranger" Tells Kids to Kick Drugs

This is a campaign year, and the election is near... but in this audience at Moore MST Magnet School, there's one person who's a bigger draw than Governor Rick Perry.

It's "Walker, Texas Ranger", Chuck Norris.  His trip through the state has a message for these kids... at the critical middle school age.

"Stay focused, and when things seem impossible, keep plugging away and that's what you have to do in life.", says Norris who started the "Kick Drugs Out of America Program."

"They're trying to find something artificial to make you feel good when it's all in your heart and in your head," he says of drug users.

"We all have choices in life, and those choices will decide whether we're success or failures in life. And if you make those right choices in life, there is nothing that you can't accomplish."

"All the goals that you set there will always be obstacles. But if you have the strong intense desire, [and] determination to overcome them, there's nothing in the world that you cannot achieve."

The 62-year-old actor has impact on several generations... he's traveling with Governor Rick Perry to schools all over the state, three stops just today.  But after the end of "Walker, Texas Ranger", Norris has stayed mostly out of the spotlight.

"We [he and his wife] just had twins a year ago, so I'm pretty much of a homebody right now. Texas is my state and always will be."

Norris is now raising his kids... while spreading a message that helps other parents raise theirs.