Remembering Trammell Crow

By Bob Hallmark - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

He was a giant in real estate development and an innovator who made the most out of every opportunity. Ninty-four year old Trammell Crow died at his family farm near Tyler.

From dirt poor beginnings, once plucking chickens to earn a living, to building a billion dollar company, Trammell Crow is being remember by East Texans as an original.

"He was a real giant in the industry and I was very sad to hear that he passed away, we lost someone very important to the real estate industry," said Nancy Wright who works in real estate management.

He developed the Hudson Apartments in Tyler. A one time accountant with no real estate experience, his genius was speculation. He developing without tenants. Built market centers from Dallas, to Atlanta, to San francisco. To top it all off he was always successful, even in a tough economy.

"Well, a leader like Tramell Crow is one of the old spirit and probably never replaced with somebody of the same entrepreneurial spirit that he's had over the years done the things that he's done so much for the community so much for Dallas," said Lonnie Uzzell, an Executive Vice President at South Side Bank.

"A person like that, steady through the good times and the bad times, that's a good lesson to take away from it, and hopefully there'll be more people like that," said Kenneth Marshall.

"He got to see everything and got to participate in so much," said Donna Kirk of Tyler.

With a can do spirit, Crow never looked back.

"The American dream, the opportunity to things in a society that allows you to do them."

he lived his life by a simple motto.. "theres as much risk in doing nothing as in doing something".

Crow's organization had staggering numbers. Trammell Crow Company had interests in over 8,000 properties and was worth an estimated 1.8 billion dollars.