A Better East Texas: Kilgore ISD Drug Testing

The Kilgore Independent School District Board of Trustees is considering adopting a mandatory drug testing policy for students participating in extracurricular activities including athletics, drill team, orchestra, band and others.

Students would be subject to a test before they could participate and additional random drug testing would occur throughout the school year as a follow up.  The district wants feedback from the community and many of you have weighed in through comments on kltv.com.  But should this program be limited only to those students wanting to participate in extracurricular activities?  A recent survey found that two-thirds of high school students have used alcohol in the past 12 months and one-third have used marijuana.

Shouldn't all students be subject to the testing regardless if they are involved in something extra or not?  Is this program being proposed only to improve an athletic record or band score or is it truly designed to help the student.  If that is the case, why would we leave any student at risk?

Perhaps this is a start but in the interest of all students, more needs to be done, and that will make for a better east Texas.