Tour of State Fair: The Ag Tents

You might normally associate the State Fair of Texas with the midway and the auto show. But for many kids, the fair is a time to show projects they've been working towards for years.

Some of the biggest events of the fair every year take place on the dirt of the agriculture pavilion. The livestock show draws hundreds of kids and their animals from all over the state. "This is definitely one of the big ones. Anything you miss school for is definitely big." says Hayley McCamey of Stephenville.

Kids like Hayley are part of 4-H and F.F.A. programs all over the state. Even though most show their animals during the year, the State Fair is like a livestock super bowl...and with the big stage comes more competition, more pressure, and also bigger rewards. Hayley agrees. "This is my best goat that I have and this is the biggest show... We always come, so I always try to do really good here... "

And with all the publicity around it; there's more money whenever you win. The top three animals in each category are sold. And for kids like Hayley, it's tough not to get attached to an animal you've been training for a year. But it is a business. And Hayley understands that, "It's one of those things where you're really attached to your goat, but as soon as you hear money or see money, it kind of all goes away." Hayley's goat, Phantom did place in his category, taking second, and Hayley did sell him. She received over six hundred dollars for him, and with that money, she plans to buy more goats.