Body found in Upshur Co

By Bob Hallmark - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Investigators in Upshur and Camp Counties say a body found in Upshur County could be connected to a missing Pittsburg woman. Pittsburg police were notified in the second week of December that a fifty-one year-old Pittsburg woman was unaccounted for by her family. She was last seen in Upshur County.

The question on everyone's mind: Is this the missing woman?

There is a twist to the story that leads authorities to believe that if it is not her, it could tell them where she is. The investigation centers around two women. Thirty-nine year-old Connie Johnston and thirty-nine year-old Tammy Keller. They are jailed in Upshur County for credit card abuse, and authorities say both were in possession of the missing woman's credit cards.

The woman's car was found in an Upshur County pond on January 9th, and less than two miles away a woman's remains were found.

"Upshur County Sheriffs Department notified the department on January 9th 2009 that a car had been found submerged in Upshur County that came back registered to the person of welfare concern reported on," said Richard Penn, Pittsburg Chief of Police. "There has not been a positive identification as this time that I'm aware of."

For reasons we haven't been given, the Upshur County Sheriffs Office has not released where the car and remains were found. The missing woman's identity has not been released by request of the family. The body has been sent for autopsy. The case is not being listed as a homicide, but investigators are not ruling it out.