Lee grad Black, Longview grad Williams staying in school

LSU starting left tackle Ciron Black announced Wednesday afternoon that he will remain with Tigers and not enter the NFL draft.

A 2005 graduate of Robert E. Lee, Ciron won the state championship with the Red Raiders in 2004. Last season he and fellow Lee graduate Matt Flynn helped to lead LSU to the BCS national title.

A junior at LSU, Ciron redshirted his freshman year. All-Academic SEC, Ciron is sticking with his education.

"It's the best decision I've ever made," Ciron said. "I'm really close to graduating, that's what I came to school for first and foremost. That's what Coach Miles told me over the years. We came to school to get our degree and that's what I really want to do. I also have a lot more that I need to do in college as far as getting better and trying to become more of a man, be more of a leader for my team."

Oklahoma junior right tackle Trent Williams of Longview will remain with the Sooners.

Williams announced his plans on Wednesday afternoon. The former Lobo played for the BCS national title with the Sooners last week.

Williams says he wants another chance at winning a collegiate title and to finish school with his degree.